Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

  • I want to mount xxxx on my facade, are there any rules?

All types of constructions which result in possible damage to the outer facade, including attachments for lamps and marquesses, is not allowed. For further information see under the heading important information and the subheading other information.

  • My underfloor heating stopped working, what do I do?

The underfloor heating can be reset using a simple procedure which you yourself can perform in your home. Instructions on how to do this can be found under the important information heading and the subheading other information. For further questions contact a member of the administration.

  • Are there smoke alarms or fire extinguishers in the apartments?

Each apartment has smoke alarms but no fire extinguishers.

  • Why is my cellphone reception so bad indoors?

This is mainly due to the fact that our houses are built using modern environmental technology which minimize the energy consumption used in heating. This affects the penetration of signals from the mobile network. There are different strategies to approach this problem, some examples are changing the operator (Telia seemingly works better) or installing a signal enhancer.

  • Which contracts do we have regarding broadband, TV and telephones?

Broadband - We are connected to Umeås broadband network called Umenet and the broadband service itself is provided by T3 at the speed of 100mbit.

TV - We have a deal with Viasat which provides 19 different channels in total as well as a cablebox.

Telephony - We have a deal with T3 for IP-telephony. Please observe that there are seperate fees for each call with this service.

  • What do I do if I discover something wrong with my apartment?

If the matter at hand is acute (e.g. a water leak) you should report this immediatly by calling HSB (our intendant) at 090 - 15 38 50. In any other case it is adviseable to discuss the matter with a neighbour or a member of the administration before reporting it to HSB. This is mainly because there might be an alternate quick way to fix it (e.g. underfloor heating not working). Also, keep in mind that the housing cooperative (and indirectly yourself) pays administrative fees for each report made to HSB.

  • Can I complement my report to HSB with pictures?

Yes, contact HSB who will instruct you on how to go about sending the pictures.

  • How do I report an error regarding the kitchen appliances (e.g. the fridge)?

Reporting errors concerning kitchen appliances are made directly to the manufacturer which are Electrolux and can be made by calling 0771 - 76 76 76.

  • Are there parking spaces for guests?

Yes, these parking spaces are labeled with handicap symbols AND a sign saying guest parking (gästparkering in swedish). Parking spaces with just a handicap symbol are currently in use by a member of the housing cooperative.

  • How often are the entries to the 4-story buildings cleaned?

The housing cooperative has an agreement with the intendant (HSB) who cleans each entry two times a month. It is important that these areas are keept free from personal belongings because of regulations regarding fire protection and accessability for those who clean.

  • My hot-air system is blinking and sending warning signals, what should I do?

A reset of the system usually fixes this problem, however if the problem persists after the reset you should report this to HSB. For assistance in resetting the system contact a member of the administration.

  • The appartments at the bottom of the 4-story buildings have their own entrances. Why are we not allowed to decorate these areas?

All entries to the building are emergancy routes in case of a fire and should therefore be keept free from personal belongings to enable free acess for the emergency services who may need to acess the building with hoses or gurneys.

  • There are not enough bicycle stands, will there be more in the future?

Currently there are bicycle stands to hold a total of 90 bicycles and currently there are no plans to place more. However, should the need arise, more can be purchased by the housing cooperative.