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Current information

Recent information regarding our housing cooperative

Annual meeting 2017

The date for this years annual meeting has been set to thursday the 8th of June and it will be held at Sjöfröskolan in tomtebo. The adress is stråkvägen 6, 907 51 Umeå. All members of the housing cooperative will recieve an invitation henceforth.

Remember, if you are in debt to the housing cooperative at the time of the meeting you are not eligable to vote so make sure to pay the housing fee in time.

Carbonfilter for the kitchen fan

As most of you know the filter for the hot-air system was changed recently. In addition to this, the manufacturer of our kitchen fans, Electrolux, recommends changing the carbon filter in your kitchen fan regularly. They recommend changing it approximately 2 times/year. 

New filters can be bought from Electrolux's homepage. 

BRF Lyckoslanten

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